Packwoods Flo Delta 8 1.1 Gram Truffle Cartidge


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Filter Tips Material Glass
Strain Type Hybrid
Department Cartidge
Thread 510 Thread
Brand Packwoods
Infused Premium Flower Weight 1.1 Gram
Design Pen-style
Series Flo Delta 8
Strain Truffle
Coil Ceramic Coil
Hemp Delta 8 THC

Coil: Ceramic Coil. Crafted from high-quality materials, the ceramic coil ensures longevity, consistency, and reliability.

Strains: Hybrid. Unleash the potential of your cannabis enjoyment with our sleek and modern Hybrid strains, guaranteeing an extraordinary experience defined by their ability to cater to your unique preferences and provide reliable and versatile performance.

Thread: 510 Thread. Elevate your clouds and indulge in a diverse world of flavors with our 510 thread cartridge, offering you the ability to explore a wide range of compatible cartridges, ensuring a vaping experience that suits your unique tastes.

Design: Pen-style. With long-lasting battery life and efficient vaporization, our Pen-Style Cartridge ensures you can enjoy vaping throughout the day.

Brand: Packwoods. Join the community of those who appreciate the finer details of cannabis and indulge in the excellence of Packwoods.

Type: Tobacco-free Hemp. Our tobacco-free hemp is created to offer a familiar and enjoyable way to consume cannabis while prioritizing your well-being.

Filter Tips Material: Glass. Our Glass Filters are designed to fit most standard joints and blunts, offering compatibility and versatility for your smoking needs.

Series: FLO Delta 8 Cartridge. Elevate your senses with Packwoods FLO Delta 8 Cartridge, where each cartridge is a work of art, crafted with care to deliver the finest vaping experience.

Department: Packwoods FLO Cartridge. Each FLO Cartridge is packed with 1.1 grams of top-quality delta-8 THC/HHC distillate, ensuring a potent and consistent experience with every puff.

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