Packwoods The Cure Company 2.5 Gram Curelato Infused Pre-rolls



Infused Premium Flower Weight 2.5 Gram
Strain Curelato
Series The Cure Company
Strain Type Hybrid
Department Infused Pre-rolls
Brand Packwoods
Filter Tips Material Glass
Flavors Fruity, Mint

Department: Infused Pre-rolls. Elevate your cannabis game with the simplicity and elegance of our Pre-Rolls, where quality meets convenience.

Strains: Hybrid. Make a statement with your cannabis choices by selecting our high-quality Hybrid strains, offering a wide range of balanced and adaptable effects, and the convenience of visually appealing buds for an exceptional cannabis adventure.

Series: Packwoods X The Cure Company Blunts. OG, originally meaning “Ocean-Grown,” represents the backbone of West Coast genetics, and these blunts pay homage to that rich heritage.

Design: Cig-style. Enjoy the ease of lighting up a pre-roll without the hassle of rolling your own, saving you time and effort.

Filter Tips Material: Glass. Prepare to embark on a journey of enhanced flavor, smoother draws, and a cleaner smoking experience with Glass Filters that promise superior performance.

Type: Tobacco-free Hemp. Unwind and savor the moments with Hemp that enhances your overall enjoyment of cannabis without the side effects of tobacco.

Brand: Packwoods. Our award-winning products reflect the dedication and craftsmanship that go into every Packwoods creation.

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Weight 1 kg


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