Packwoods Sherbinskis Infused Pre-rolls 2 Gram Coco Puff


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Design Cig-style
Strain Type Hybrid
Filter Tips Material Glass
Series Sherbinskis
Brand Packwoods
Infused Premium Flower Weight 2 Gram
Strain Coco Puff
Department Infused Pre-rolls

Series: Sherbinski Packwoods Blunts. Join the ranks of those who demand the best in smoking experiences and indulge in Packwoods Sherbinskis Blunts.

Design: Cig-style. Join the ranks of those who demand the best in cannabis enjoyment and indulge in the excellence of our cig-style Pre-Rolls today.

Strains: Hybrid. Elevate your cannabis experience with our diverse selection of Hybrid strains, each carefully curated to offer unique flavors and effects, ensuring you have the versatility to explore various cannabis profiles and sensations.

Brand: Packwoods. Experience the excellence of Packwoods, a renowned Los Angeles-based cannabis business that stands among the most awarded companies in California.

Filter Tips Material: Glass. Embrace the benefits of glass filtration, which helps reduce tar and resin buildup, resulting in a cleaner and more enjoyable smoke.

Department: Infused Pre-rolls. Embrace the moment and let our Pre-Rolls enhance your cannabis experience with their consistency and reliability.

Type: Tobacco-free Hemp. Enjoy the benefits of a tobacco-free lifestyle with Hemp that offers the familiar ritual of rolling without the harmful effects of tobacco.

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