Packwoods Flo HHC 1.1 Gram Truffle Cartidge


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Department Cartidge
Filter Tips Material Glass
Strain Type Hybrid
Thread 510 Thread
Brand Packwoods
Infused Premium Flower Weight 1.1 Gram
Strain Truffle
Coil Ceramic Coil
Series Flo HHC

Coil: Ceramic Coil. Experience a new level of flavor and vapor production with the advanced design of the ceramic coil.

Strains: Hybrid. Dive into the world of Hybrid versatility with our precision-engineered strains, providing a visually striking and high-performance solution that enhances your overall cannabis satisfaction.

Design: Pen-style. Discover the convenience of on-the-go vaping with our Pen-Style Cartridge, designed for easy use and portability.

Brand: Packwoods. Packwoods isn’t just a brand; it’s a legacy built on a foundation of quality, innovation, and a deep love for cannabis.

Thread: 510 Thread. Experience vaping on your terms with our 510 thread cartridge, which empowers you to fine-tune your preferences, whether it’s the choice of e-liquids or the convenience of swapping cartridges, all at your fingertips.

Series: FLO HHC Cartridge 1G. Savor the convenience of strain-specific terpenes that enhance the aroma and taste, providing a personalized and enjoyable vaping experience.

Department: Packwoods FLO Cartridge. Each FLO Cartridge is a testament to our commitment to excellence, delivering purity, flavor, and potency in every puff.

Filter Tips Material: Glass. Our Glass Filters are designed to fit most standard joints and blunts, offering compatibility and versatility for your smoking needs.

Type: Tobacco-free Hemp. Enjoy the benefits of a tobacco-free lifestyle with Hemp that offers the familiar ritual of rolling without the harmful effects of tobacco.

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