Packwoods Flo HHC 1.1 Gram Cartidge Wedding Mintz


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Strain Wedding Mintz
Coil Ceramic Coil
Hemp HHC
Brand Packwoods
Infused Premium Flower Weight 1.1 Gram
Series Flo HHC
Thread 510 Thread
Type Tobacco-free Hemp
Design Pen-style
Department Cartidge

Thread: 510 Thread. Simplify and enrich your vaping experience with our 510 thread cartridge, granting you the freedom to choose from a plethora of e-liquid cartridges, ensuring a customized journey with every use.

Design: Pen-style. Explore a wide range of vape juice options and discover your signature flavor with our Pen-Style Cartridge.

Coil: Ceramic Coil. Say goodbye to burnt tastes and coil gunk – the ceramic coil’s innovative design prevents these common issues.

Department: Packwoods FLO Cartridge. Elevate your vaping game and join the future of cannabis with Packwoods FLO Cartridges, where every inhale is a journey into the world of premium quality and flavor.

Brand: Packwoods. Join the Packwoods family and enjoy a world of premium cannabis experiences that are second to none.

Filter Tips Material: Glass. Elevate your smoking game with the simplicity and efficiency of Glass Filters, where quality meets functionality.

Series: FLO HHC Cartridge 1G. Experience the future of vaping with Packwoods FLO HHC Cartridge 1G, where innovation and quality combine to create a truly exceptional HHC journey.

Type: Tobacco-free Hemp. Our tobacco-free hemp is sourced from the finest organic hemp plants, ensuring a smooth and satisfying smoke every time.

Strains: Hybrid. Say goodbye to one-dimensional highs and embrace the complexity of our advanced Hybrid strains, celebrated for their ability to provide a tailored and well-rounded high, perfect for a wide range of activities and moods.

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